Select Your Hosting Package

Fast and secure UK-based web hosting accounts - designed for WordPress and supported by moorSITES

Higher-Resources Hosting

Hosting for online shops, blogs and other sites that require more processing power

As WordPress Hosting, plus ...

10GB of NVMe Storage

Availability of up to 2x more RAM and processor resources

Hourly backups

Scalable Cloud Hosting

A fully managed account using Google Cloud infrastructure, that automatically scales resources to match demand. Perfect for sites with high volumes of visitors, or that may have sudden spikes in traffic.

Extremely fast and secure by default.

Pricing will be adjusted based on resource usage.

Provided by and managed by moorSITES.

WordPress Hosting

Hosting optimised for WordPress websites, including small online shops and blogs. Option to boost resources if demand increases.

2 CPU Cores, 2GB RAM & 5GB of NVMe Storage

SSL Certificate

Daily off-site backups

WordPress website installed, optimised, secured and updated by moorSITES